Yasuo Kuwahara Competition for Solo Mandolin 2021

Terms of Competition:

All mandolinists worldwide are eligible to participate. There is no age limit. 20 participants will be admitted; the date of receipt of the registration documents and the registration fee will decide on admission. Waiting list possible. 


For information on the registration status or further details visit: www.musikforum-schweinfurt.de

The participation fee is EURO 50,-. This amount is to be transferred to the following bank account:

Musikforum Schweinfurt
Flessa-Bank Schweinfurt
IBAN: DE 20 7933 0111 0000 0002 30

The participation fee is not refundable, except in the event of a cancellation of the competition.

Travel and accommodation costs are to be borne by the applicants themselves

With the payment of the registration fee and the registration form, the following must be submitted at the same time:

  • artistic biography (up to 500 characters)
  • photo, released from image rights

Incomplete applications or illegibly filled in application forms will not be considered.

The information provided remains with „Musikforum Schweinfurt e.V.“ and may be stored there permanently for documentation purposes. Musikforum Schweinfurt e.V. has the right to use the submitted documents for the purpose of advertising and follow-up reports on the competition and the work of Musikforum Schweinfurt e.V. in all media. For this purpose the participants grant Musikforum Schweinfurt e.V. the full right of use without separate remuneration or additional compensation.


Chair: Prof. Martin Hummel (Germany)
Dorina Frati (Italy)
Christian Laier (Germany)
Katsia Prakopchyk (Germany/Belarus)

The decisions of the jury are final and do not have to be justified. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes or to share them. The jury reserves the right to cancel works or listen to excerpts only.

The competition is open to the public.


A total of 25,000 euros will be awarded.

  • 1st prize € 10.000,-
  • 2nd prize € 7,500,-
  • 3rd prize € 5,000,-
  • Special prices up to a total of € 2,500,-

Program requirements

The competition is a two-round event.

Preliminary round – total playing time up to 20 minutes

Two compulsory works:

  • a solo work by Yasuo Kuwahara (selected from: A Dumb Door, A Gleam in Winter, Improvised Poem, Jongara, Moon and Yamanba, Perpetual Movement)
  • and a preludio for mandolin solo by Raffaele Calace

Final – total playing time up to 25 minutes

Compulsory work:

  • from Heinrich Konietzny – Ochiana: II. Andante ma non tanto and III. Vivace

Compulsory work:

  • a complete work or set from an original composition composed for mandolin composed before 1820

In addition, a free program can be added.

Accompanying instruments may only participate as basso continuo instruments. A piano is available;a harpsichord can also be provided on request. Accompanying partners must be brought along.


The schedule depends on the number of participants and will be announced after the registration deadline. When the competition is fully booked, the following procedure is planned:
Saturday, 9 October: all-day preliminary round
Sunday, 10 October: in the morning (possibly also until early afternoon) finale, end afternoon